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New (well, kinda) Kindan No Tasuketsu: “Nemui (Sleepers)”

How deep does Kindan No Tasuketsu’s catalog go? The ever-changing pop project just released a new compilation called Early Years 2012 – 2016, one which aims to collect some loosies from acros their uhhhh early years…yet I still feel like there are a bunch of songs from this period not represented here. They are prolific! And more importantly, they have been great at crafting pop in all sorts of molds, from electro-pop to acoustic-bordering-on-folk. Early Years is a great snapshot of the group’s eclectic approach to songwriting, especially ahead of “season 4,” whatever that might be. To celebrate this look back, they’ve shared a new video for “Nemui (Sleepers),” which originally came out in 2012 with an even simpler clip. It’s the group pulling off dream pop just right, the vocals shrouded in a layer of mist and bells chiming off all around to give it an extra soft feel. Fitting for a song completely about seeking escape via sleep, falling somewhere between peaceful and tear-stained. Listen above.