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New White Wear: Round Eyes EP

In recent months, the only act from Tokyo’s Cuz Me Pain collective that has been really visible has been Jesse Ruins, who released the disorienting ode to online-life Heartless late last year. Still waiting to hear anything from The Beauty, but long-running project White Wear is back in 2015 with the Round Eyes EP, a three-song collection that finds a balance between unease and beauty. The previously released “A Witness” sets the mood — a glimmering number ruptured by vocal samples and sudden beeps, the glittery exterior punctured by sudden noise. The title track boasts similar touches, yet everything comes together a bit more smoothly to make for the most outright solid beat here, while concluding number actually brings to mind Jesse Ruins’ last full-length, well beyond the computer-centric title, as it sounds both hopeful and a bit muddled. Get it here, or listen below.