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New Wienners: “Idol”


When I saw Wienners live two months ago, I noted how pointless it would be to listen to the band outside of a live show. After watching the video for the band’s new song “Idol”…I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to my guns. Not to imply this song fails to capture Wienners – the hyperactive rock punctured by cutesy keyboard is Wienners doing what they do best. What fails to translate over a YouTube video, though, is the group’s aggressiveness live. “Idol” the video paints them as goofy kids who mix rough with cute. They are like the awkward dweeb in high school who can make someone laugh and then creep them out the next second. Now imagine if the kid also stabbed the people he talked to. That’s Wienners live (no stabbing, I swear). On “Idol” they’ve literally been turned into cartoons. Live, they couldn’t be more real.

To sum it up…good song, but see ’em live instead!