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Band Name Of The Year: The Great Funny Pant Sound

The band name should be a tip about what to expect from these guys. The Great Funny Pant Sound posted three new songs to MySpace recently, and at their core these new tunes are simple indie-pop joints. Yet like with their moniker, this quartet can’t help but weird them up a bit. The giddy “虚像” piles electric showers on top of a bouncy beat, these additions never clogging the song but rather adding to the generally sunny mood. Even better is the seven-minute (!) forest waltz “鐘の音の” and the theremim-assisted (!!) “誤作動,” which comes close to recreating Animal Collective as a Japanese indie-pop band. Plus, how could you not root for a band with a name like THAT?

Though I’m still waiting to find out what the funny pant sound is.