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New Yoshino Yoshikawa Featuring Yura Mari: “Mirage”

Critical to Yoshino Yoshikawa’s music has always been the depth he brings to his music. His songs feature depth and a lot of clever details that push them out from an internet-centered scene that sometimes does the immediate, overwhelming vibe too much. “Mirage,” the first number to emerge from his forthcoming album Event Horizon via Zoom Lens, is just the latest to highlight his approach. Featuring Yura Mari, “Mirage” includes the same colorful synth waves and keyboard notes as previous Yoshikawa “ultrapop” cuts, and as cheery as it can get, its the moments that build up the drama that really make it work. When everything but a steely synth cuts out for an instance, or when “Mirage” settles into a bouncy, Jersey-Club-accented groove, which makes the sweet final leg all the hoppier. Listen above.