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New Yunomi Featuring Nicamoq: “Cocolo Float”

The Tsutaya chain of CD rental shops…yes, this concept exists in Japan, and yes, people still wonder why CD sales are down when you can rent five for a 1/3rd the price of one…puts out special albums every once in a while, and the just-out Cocolo Color Comp finds a handful of colorful artists…from electro-pop artist SAWA to Brinq, an artist I should write about sometime…providing songs for a pretty upbeat set. Electronic producer Yunomi and Nicamoq appear too, giving us yet another chance to gush about their twinkling club fare. “Cocolo Float” isn’t quite as explosive as previous Yunomi cuts, opting for a groove featuring the sound of what seems like Mario jumping on Koopa shells rather than any huge moments of release. Well, in comparison — this one still opens up at points, and is every bit floor ready, but just a bit sweeter. Listen above.