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New Yunovation: “Aruteido Aru”

Contentedness comes in many forms — and Yunovation grapples with the feeling of keeping it simple wonderfully on “Aruteido Aru.” The irony being that this is a massive step forward for the Osaka artist. Yunovation has gotten attention over the last couple of years primarily for constructing songs built around melodica, from swift exercises to covers of pop stars and condiment theme songs. She’s guested on other artist’s tracks, and made a few original numbers featuring her voice alongside melodica notes, but nothing like “Aruteido Aru,” a full-fledged bouncer doubling as snapshot of millenial life in Japan.

Her melodica playing is far less central now, with the song coming to life via drum sample and then lighting up courtesy of a synth melody that’s the first thing a long while that has conjured up images of Avec Avec’s thick electronic jubilee. Musically, it’s pure funhouse, leading up to a catchy center sliding on down into an even more chipper second verse. But what really takes it to the next level is Yunovation’s singing, delivered in a quick style bordering on a rap. It’s an apt parter for the music itself, and gets even better when digging into the words themselves. “Stay, stay, stay with status quo,” goes the start of the hook, and the whole song wrestles with…well, life in the 21st century, especially as a young adult (though…maybe anybody, too). It’s about being happy with yourself and trying your best to avoid the pitfalls of “likes” and “life hacks,” a celebration of a minimal life that never sounds defeated by that, but empowered by personal confidence. And yeah, the twist being Yunovation isn’t settling with this, but rather leveling up ahead of a new EP on Maltine Records.

Oh, and the melodica definitely comes in, at first subtly and then getting a chance to shine via solo. Somethings do stay the same. Listen above.