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Nites Remix Moscow Club’s “Daisy Miller”

Beyond being a great and off-the-beaten-path remix of an already lovely tune, Nites fog-machine reworking of Moscow Club’s “Daisy Miller” also outlines everything exciting about the CUZ ME PAIN-ers work. The M83 influence lingers around the whole song – those organ notes at the beginning especially bring to mind “In Church” – and how Nites turns the original daydreamy vocals into lost ghost sounds, at times slightly out of step with the music surrounding them but working perfectly with the vibe he’s going for here. Above all else, this is another highlight of Nites’ superb production sense, as his “Daisy Miller” overflows with nice details. Moscow Club’s originals – both the hazy “Pt. 1” and more rollicking “Pt. 2” – were fun to float around in or skip along to respectively, but Nites packs in so many synths and beat turns that this “Daisy Miller” demands attention, to capture every detail. Listen below.

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