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No Idol Concept: Partyarise’s “Fuwa Fuwa Moko Moko”

As an idea, Partyarise’s guiding principle isn’t actually that fresh. “Club music meets idol!” has been going strong well before this project started a SoundCloud page, and has only picked up steam. So Partyarise and first song “Fuwa Fuwa Moko Moko” aren’t breaking any new ground…just go to Mogra, ya know…but it sounds plenty nice all the same. Partially that’s because the mission statement isn’t actually achieved here – the music isn’t club fare, but rather a more slippery version of pop, full of twinkles and quick break beats and laser throbs (but cute). It’s Neo-Shibuya-Kei made in a bedroom (comparable contemporary – Her Ghost Friend) and that’s actually welcome because of how darty it is. Listen above.