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No Real Pianos Here: 909state’s “Piano Lesson”

Maltine, the netlabel distributing all sorts of electronic music for free, continues to inch closer to their 100th release. They currently sit at 93 thanks to 909state’s recent Piano Lesson release, a brief three-song dip featuring two original songs and a remix of the title track. 909state’s music gets labeled techno and it’s a pretty fair decision – here and on previous releases for Maltine, 909 drips glowing synths over club-ready beats while gradually adding and subtracting elements to give these creations depth. Piano Lesson isn’t remotely a flawless offering – the track “It’s More Fun To (Family) Compute” tries its very best to make me want to take a screwdriver to my laptop speakers. Thankfully there is the title track, a much more enjoyable trip. 909 starts the tune off by bathing the whole thing in a typical glow of neon synth, eventually dropping a minimal beat and some handclap-percussion under it. It surges from there, but keenly never overflows, the trip and comedown done just right. Laser-light dance music made for home use. Listen here.