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Nobuyuki Sakuma (Jesse Ruins, Cold Name) Starts New Project C V N

It isn’t really clear if C V N (henceforth CVN) is a new project by Nobuyuki Sakuma of Jesse Ruins, or if he’s possibly rechristening his previous solo outlet Cold Name. Either way, Sakuma has shared three new, disoriented tracks from his new…thing…and it does mark a shift in his solo sound. With Cold Name, Sakuma took the dance music that had served as the base for CUZ ME PAIN’s original projects and twisted it towards the industrial. With these three songs from CVN, he’s making something more scattered, resembling what LA’s E + E or Japan’s own Wasabi Tapes has been up to. The songs feature clashing sounds…some vocal samples, some distorted electronics…and sometimes they are in pure conflict (see the final, back-masked-sporting track) or every scattershot sound falls just in the right place to create something popping (the first song). Listen above.