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Not A Regular Punch: Sumitomo’s “Egotistical Gabber”

(Programming note: site is currently going through a lot of technical difficulties, and actually writing posts is a massive challenge. Might be a bit more inconsistent for the next few…uhhhh, days, I hope? Stay tuned)

Look, we all get stressed out, and we need to deal with it in our own ways. This week has been a wash thus far — see above note! — so stumbling across Sumitomo’s long-burning “Egotistical Gabber” was a welcome treat this week. But it isn’t purely about turning to hard-hitting electronic music as forms of relief. “Egotistical Gabber” plays out like the opposite of CRZKNY’s latest album. Whereas that full-length plays out like a pretty straight-forward gabber celebration, Sumitomo’s nearly nine-minute-long jam is a gabber mutation that spends significant time away from the pulverizing beats. Which only makes the moment it does embrace the punches all the more forceful. Get it here, or listen above.