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Breezy Beat: Nacht Musik’s Cure

Fast music rules, but sometimes you listen to a netlabel offering and you end up reaching for a glass of water or something. That’s not really the case with Nacht Musik’s Cure, released via Omoide Label at the end of March. Every song just zooms forward, though — the Hiroshima producer leans in on squiggly synth notes and vocal chops that build up to even zippier segments. Opener “Find You” offers up one of the brightest blasts of adrenaline I’ve heard in Japanese electronic music this year, buoyed by pre-hook voice snippets that up the emotional ante. Even the songs with trap elements — “Wet” and “Cat” — end up feeling lithe. And that’s one gives Cure such a breezy vibe despite moving at a constant sprint. Nacht Musik’s light approach to making these songs make them feel less intense, and even though they are energetic, they feel far more measured. Get it here, or listen above.