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Not Not Weird: Very Vanilla Video

Nothing Very Vanilla Video do strikes as particularly strange. Electro-heavy rap featuring a few Mr-Toad-like turns into more traditional song and tinged with a bit of irony isn’t catching anyone off guard, not while Die Antword pull in Interscope dough. Yet every new song on their MySpace leaves me scratching my head…this shouldn’t be weird, but it is? The goofy shuffle of “キャラメルバナナ” quickly becomes aggressive dance music, but it’s all peppered with female vocals that seem to interrupt the track to deliver a snippet from other song. “Trio The Pants” could come off of Halfby’s latest long player but it also would never appear on it in the first place. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said, regarding pornography, “I know it when I see it.” Well, Very Vanilla Video are sorta of the opposite…I have no idea what to make of them, so I leave it to you to listen.