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NPR Swag: YOMOYA’s “Baby”

Sometimes you hear a sound that reminds you of some far-away memory that actually isn’t from whatever you are reminiscing about but comes so close to replicating it you just go with it. YOMOYA’s “Baby” features such a sound, at least for me personally, but it might work for you if you spent anytime listening to NPR on long car trips or glued to PBS as a child. The track from the group’s new album Yawn opens with this folksy violin/fiddle line that’s a neat little noise that instantly makes me think of A Prairie Home Companion and all the musical acts they may/may not have had on the show. Alternatively, this reminds me of “California’s Gold.” Regardless, it’s a catchy intro and the easy highlight of an otherwise easy-going albeit slightly foot-moving song. Sometimes a familiar sound is all you need. Listen below.