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Texture Time: MimiCof’s “Foil” And “Tunnel”

Usually when someone talks about how a song “feels,” they focus on the emotional side of the music and really how they feel listening to it. MimiCof, the project of Berlin-based Midori Hirano, makes music you feel in an almost-tactile way, like she tells you to shut your eyes and touch a mysterious object that feels like brains or something. Listening to her song “Foil” brings all sort of touch-heavy images to the mind – I picture bits of metal being scraped off of a machine during a rainstorm. It’s a song that’s just great to listen to, Hirano capable of fascinating noises that never get all that abrasive (she adds some light bell twinkles later on). “Tunnel” isn’t quite as exciting or textural, MimiCof opting instead for a minimalist slow-burner that sounds like a potential dance track that never quite gets over the hump to letting loose. “Tunnel” comes off as pleasant enough, “Foil” is like touching carpet samples all day but way more fun than you’d think. Go here to listen to both tracks.

Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound