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Numb To Cars: “It Is Wide, Deep And Few”

It opens all discombobulated – electronic sounds flash by or pulsate as a sparse drum beat skirts around in the back. Numb To Cars, like a toddler exposed to their first box of Legos, starts starts placing these driftless sounds together. The beat becomes more present and the once distant bleeps start falling into place. Then the beat quickens and “It Is Wide, Deep And Few” morphs into something new, from formlessness to organization. For a brief moment the song becomes a bouncy electro tune. Doesn’t last long – Numb To Cars’ brings in a crashing keyboard signifying the song’s final, more chaotic arc. Dissonant sounds splash in and out. “It Is Wide, Deep And Few” never sets itself down any sort of established path, but it’s beauty lies in how it just floats there. It’s not quite ambient music…but darn close.

Listen here.