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O______o : Seiho presents “Last Christmas (Seiho Witch Remix)” And Yeah It Is The Wham! Song

Sometimes it really are the gifts that come out of nowhere that end up making the biggest impression on you. I made my list and checked it twice and I can assure you I didn’t ask for a witch house remix of Wham’s! “Last Christmas.” Yet down below you can hear just that, courtesy of INNIT-associate Seiho, who decided this was exactly what the world needed right now. His “witch remix” indulges in all the stereotypes associated with witch house music – slowed-to-a-crawl vocals (though also chipmunked takes on Wham’s! chorus pop up), general murkiness, drum machine throbbing. And really, the fact Seiho took this song and turned it into witch house, well, that’s the only hook I needed to hear this. Listen below.

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