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Ohno Yumiko Of Buffalo Daughter Soundtracks A Dance Performance, “The Rainy Table”

Buffalo Daughter member Ohno Yumiko wrote the soundtrack to a dance performance put on back in 2009 called “The Rainy Table.” I have no idea what this art piece was actually about, a preview video for it only showing a dancer in front of a screen hiding the shadow of a horse. Regardless, it must have been somewhat of a hit because Yumiko plans to release her soundtrack of the Strange Kinoko Dance Company and plaplax production as a stand-alone CD this week. Two tracks can be heard at her MySpace…one of which lasts seven-some minutes!…and definitely warrant checking out. They lean towards the more experimental side of the stage, “‘Intro’ The Rainy Table” being all minimalist noises coupled with the sound of rain droplets. The other song, meanwhile, sounds like especially giddy video game music. Pretty neat-o stuff. Oh, and the CD also comes with a recording of the actual dance performance, which probably makes the music even better. Watch a commercial for it below.

Oh, and maybe in the near future I’ll get around to writing about Buffalo Daughter’s 2010 release The Weapons Of Math Destruction as part of a “albums I missed: 2010″ special feature. Fingers crossed!