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Oldie But Goodie: Shugo Tokumaru’s “Rum Hee” (OORUTAICHI Remix)

Osaka’s OORUTAICHI takes “Rum Hee,” one of the most joyful rushes on Shugo Tokumaru’s bubbly Port Entropy, and mutates it into a strange, multi-headed electronic beast. He originally edges the song into skittering electro territory, putting Tokumaru’s sweet vocals against a slipstream of digital gurgles. After the first chorus, though, OORUTAICHI changes his mind mid-air, focusing on an even jollier drum-centric beat before throwing his hands up and just combining the two ideas together, all while heaping some laser-ey sounds over it. Oh, did I mention the extended ambient outro? It’s a strange creation, several interesting pieces of fabric sewn into one kick-ass pillow. Listen to it, and OORUTAICHI’s great original material, here.