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Omoide Label Presents Juke Shiyouya ~ILLMATIC SCIENCE~ Featuring 1NDV, Lotus Echo And More

Think of the Juke Shiyouya series as a pleasant come down from the grittier Atomic Bomb Compilation. Whereas the latter uses juke music as a way to warn about the dangers of nuclear power and weapons — often by taking a darker, at times doomsday-ready tone — Omoide Label’s ongoing collections simply gathers tracks from producers invested in the style, and often their contributions bend towards sillier constructions. 1NDV slices up Street Fighter 2 into a fleet-footed dance track, while TEACHI goes full on traditional Japanese with a song centered around old instruments and vocal samples. This is a comp book ended by skits! Yet between, the artists also get up to all sorts of other things, from Hiroki Yamamura’s utilization of Kanye on the hypnotic “Aleksandros” to Lotus Echo’s robo-boogie on “Let’s Do Juke.” Dive in, and find your flavor. Get it here, or listen below.