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New Mukuchi: Party (Lonely) People

Singer/songwriter Mukuchi excels at making bouncy bedroom pop, featuring a wide variety of sounds ranging from synthesizer notes to toy instruments. Her playful voice ties it all together, and she’s even gone as far as to create a new (at least to my knowledge) genre called “seagaze” to describe it. Don’t let shiny tags on Bandcamp get you clouded though — Mukuchi’s charm lies in her kitchen-sink pop, and Party (Lonely) People offers the perfect intro into the world. A lot of the songs included her have popped up online in some capacity, but gathered all together they reveal just how varied Mukuchi’s songs can get. The opening digi-clicks and piano melodies of “Paradise” set the mood — playful but also deceptively intricate, offering up the right backdrop for her singing. From there, she ventures into plinky-plonky techno-pop, wonky piano sketches and Earthbound slow burns. Nothing better than stepping into an artists own little world. Get it here, or listen below.