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One For The Weekend: Yoshino Yoshikawa Featuring LASTorder’s “Tokyo”

One final song for the weekend, and one more Tokyo-themed track from a Maltine artist performing at Monday’s Maltine
“Tokyo” live event. Yoshino Yoshikawa teams up with LASTorder for…here’s that place again…”Tokyo,” a bouncy, fidgety electro-pop number continuing in Yoshikawa’s recent tradition of not really altering the vocals in anyway. Whereas in the past tasteful dabs of Auto-tune dripped off the side of the singing, here the vocals just come out seemingly clear, free of any outside tampering. The music itself isn’t overwhelming, but could easily be classified as “ultrapop” in how well constructed it is, every fizzle and hop perfectly placed. If the weather cooperates this weekend, here’s your soundtrack. Listen below.