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New Pa’s Lam System: “I’m Coming”

If this blog has basically looked like “Maltine – the fan shrine” over the past few days….you probably should have paid more attention to these posts over the last few years! Maltine would be my vote for most exciting anything in today’s Japanese music landscape, a netlabel just giving away some of the most forward-thinking (and just plain exciting) electronic music seeping out the country today. That they have a big event at one of Tokyo’s best live venues this Monday has served as a great excuse for them to post a bunch of really great new material…makes my job easier, sure, but it also deserves to be put under the spotlight.

And so, here comes Pa’s Lam System newest song, “I’m Coming,” the night before. And it is a total, ecstasy-inducing banger. Whereas the outfit’s last notable number, “Bit By Bit,” took its time to reach its ultimate moment of euphoria, “I’m Coming” bursts right out the gate into dizzying, dance-floor eyeing madness. There really are no dips or water breaks here – just an Olympic-worthy sprint, meant for just-under-three-minutes-worth (and that brief running time is critical here)of losing it. Listen below.