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Opened Up At Last: Keita Sano’s “I Found The Key”

Some artists release music at such a rapid pace that finding the right track to spotlight…whether they are an established act (Lullatone, who have been releasing a song a week this year and I just don’t know what to do without turning it into a weekly fixture) or a relative newcomer. Keita Sano isn’t super fresh faced…he’s been making house tracks for a few years now, and earned a lot of looks, including a spot at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal…but this blog has never written about him, partially because choosing just the right number to spotlight seemed intimidating, given his brisk upload schedule. Thank goodness for “I Found The Key,” an acid-squelched shuffler that uses saxophone blurts as a central element, and happens to be one of this blog’s preferred sounds. It also highlights the tension anchoring his best songs, here the thumping beats letting way for the warm release of that sweet, sweet sax. Listen above.