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Thrice As Nice: Yentax, Proxima Girl And Haconowa

Proxima Girl and Haconowa make electronic music solo, but they’ve come together to from Yentax, and want you to know it. “We Are Yentax” is, as hinted at by the title, an intro of sorts, though the only proper greeting comes midway through via some computerized vocals. But they come after the really solid part, when fluttery synths give way to a crunchier beat that combined make for an energetic dance cut. Not a bad way to say hello. Listen above.

The individual artists in Yentax also released new tracks around the time of their group emerging. Proxima Girl’s “Again, And Again” goes for something a bit more lush, with strings, breezy piano melodies and a driving beat. Meanwhile, Haconowa’s “Gradation” is a slow-building number, going from skeletal piano-guided track to blurred-out shuffler. Listen to both below.