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Osaka Showdown: Seiho Vs. D.J. Fulltono: VS/02

Two of Osaka’s brightest music producers collide on this fun little experiment. Both artists contribute an original song…and then the other goes and remixes into something totally different. Booty Tune staple D.J. Fulltono brings his skittering juke sound on “Baby Je Kajoo,” a fast-paced albeit slightly too long number. The always-unpredictable Seiho steps up, slows it down and adds in more sounds – is that a bird squawk??? – morphing it into a more playful, loose-limbed creation. His original offering here, “Honor,” is similarly unpredictable though not nearly as wild as some of his previous creations – it swivels all over the place, but never really freaks out totally. And Fulltono’s version? He finds something coherent in all that twisting and turning, and turns it into a bob-worthy dance track. These two really do bring out the best in one another. Get it here, or listen below.