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Out The Gate: Cherryboy Function

One week into the new year and no time to rest because here come the new releases. Patrick over at Tokyo’s Coolest Sound throws some heavy props on Cherryboy Function, an electronic artist dabbling in the same Lifesaver-bright dance music as De De Mouse. Don’t expect drum ‘n’ bass and dissected kids voices though – the samples for Function’s recently released “Suggested Function EP #2” hint at less neck-snapping dance music Toucan Sam-med the hell out. You can listen to three morsels over at ExT Recordings MySpace page. “Another Side” mixes glossy synth strikes with easy-breezy electro-whistles and dabs of percussion ripped out of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon where he plays a skeletons spine like a xylophone. More striking is the whizzing “Pulse Of Change,” which splits between a club-friendly tune – Function has apparently been working the Japanese party scene for a few years now – and a more cerebral place where design gets the most attention. “Tornado” closes the trio of preview tracks out, functioning as the most stereotypically “dance music” song here. Funtion’s EP comes out on January 5…which is today in Japan. Order the thing here.