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Softly Ringing In: Twelve Fluffy Chair

We are officially back from break and, if like us, you remain in a New Year’s Eve induced stupor you probably don’t want to be confronted with walls of noise. The mid-day nap indie-pop of Twelve Fluffy Chair might be just what you need after you roll out of bed at one in the afternoon. The group only boasts three songs online as of now, and two of those choose to unfold slowly. “Nowhere” and “Remains” space out the guitar, bass and drums so that the whole tune moves as fast as a lazy cloud. They sneak in a little bit of a thump, especially on “Remains,” but the effect feels less like breaking out into a sprint and more like semi-jogging towards a hammock. The third song – the one you don’t want to listen to if you are fending off a hangover – hints at more aggressive places. “Trickster” embraces feedback and messiness, save for a few instances of daydreamy relaxation, and pulls out a particularly bumpy finale. Again not great now, but it’s a highlight worth hearing when your head is ready for it.