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Paisley Parks Emerges From The Dark With A Bunch Of New Tracks

Last time Yokohama’s premier juke group Paisley Parks came around, they had teamed up with one of America’s finest in the genre, Traxman, for the Far East EP. Then…nothing much. Well, looks like Paisley Parks kept plenty busy in the last six months, because they just uploaded 17 new tracks to his SoundCloud page. That’s a bit to go through, and even a cursory skip around them reveals…well, no narrative beyond “they are back.” The new tracks range from sorta silly (turned soulful) exercises in how much Paisley Parks can get out of the word “dribble,” to a remix of The Phantom Of The Opera theme, to limb looseners like the manic “Don’t Go,” featuring one of the wildest second halves to a track they’ve put down (listen to that one above). Oh, and they also get a lot of mileage from the first two seconds of an old Clipse song (below!). We’ve highlighted a few of our initial favorites below, but yeah just go here and start listening.