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Perma Frost: Super Magic Hats Teams Up With Mayumi (Of Chelsea Terrace) For “Snow Blue”

Melbourne’s Super Magic Hats* has kept a close eye on the Japanese music for quite some time, so it is only fitting that he would start working closer with outfits here. One of his songs appeared on the last FOGPAK compilation, and now he’s released a new EP through Tanukineiri Records called Slowly. Definitely go get that…but make sure to swing back around to listen to a track that doesn’t appear on that EP, which finds the Australian producer teaming up with Japanese singer Mayumi (from the group Chelsea Terrace) for the appropriately chilly “Snow Blue.” Super Magic Hat’s production — sparse, accented by piano and some electronic razzle dazzle — mixes well with the whisper-sing of Mayumi, who drifts over it all. It brings to mind the music of Cokiyu, except with the natural world swapped out for something a bit spacier. Listen above.