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Pa’s Lam System Remixes HyperJuice: “City Lights”

There is no shortage of dance album featuring a bevvy of remixes tagged on to appeal to more listeners — see what we posted earlier today — but HyperJuice’s debut collection Lights is a case where the reworks feel every bit as urgent as the originals. Contributions from Broken Haze and Buddhahouse shine, but the juggernaut towering over the whole release..and easily consuming the original in the process…is Pa’s Lam System’s remix of “City Lights.” Part of what makes it so solid is the decision to totally scalpel out the awkward male rapper clogging up the original, and instead letting the focus on Evo+’s vocals which are the star of the original mix anyway. Well that, and the fact Pa’s Lam System are undisputed champs of creating energetic music that makes me want to hurl my body into the wall. They let Evo+’s voice go untouched for a bit, but when they reach the sweet center, they break it down into molecules, like that candy machine from the Willy Wonka Factory. And they reassemble it into a beastly rush. Listen above.