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Perfume Prep New Single That Will Feature “Glitter,” A New Album And Have A Dance Contest For You

Perfume City tweets that the techno-pop trio will release a new single on November 2nd featuring the Kirin-approved “Glitter” with one other song still to be announced. Exciting! But not as much as the second tidbit, which reveals the group will have a new album out on November 30th. The thing appears to be titled JPN and no official tracklist has surfaced. A country-wide tour will follow in January.

Speaking of that tour…would you like to dance on it? Well, Perfume also has a dance contest for “Glitter” where if you can finish the choreography in the video below you can dance on stage with the group. Should have not played so much Rogue Squadron and taken dancing lessons. Actually, no. But this is yours for the taking.