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Piano Lessons: Sayutony

The piano isn’t the only instrument Osaka duo Sayutony’s rely on – the vocals and sudden drum beat erupting midway through “In Your Heart” give that ballad its punch – but it is the central tool to their whimsical little songs. Indie-pop standout “Dog Skip” follows the jaunty piano’s lead for four minutes, rarely straying from the punchy melody made by those keys but instead building around them. The singing and drums get more room to stretch…especially the vocals, which get a chance to jump up a few levels later in the track…but the piano serves as the anchor for a sunny little bit of twee. The two slower songs here similarly rely on the ivories, but more in the way any ballad would (for added drama, though Sayutony don’t get as mushy as most J-Pop artists tend to do). Pleasant little songs to start the week off.