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She Talks Silence Update: New Album Art, Live Version Of “Ghost Humming”

See that kinda creepy art up there? That’s the new cover art for She Talks Silence’s amazing debut album Noise And Novels, a big step up from the original artwork which was basically no artwork at all (but a very nice bookmark!). That album, with new art, will go on sale nationwide in Japan starting this Wednesday, meaning one of (if not the) best Japanese album released in 2010 will finally be available to a lot more people. Hopefully this also means She Talks Silence can get some notice from the international press…she deserves it.

In other ghostly bedroom pop news, She Talks Silence posted a live version of the song “Ghost Humming” done in Sendai onto her MySpace. It boasts a little bit more of a thump live and definitely worth checking out.