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Premier: mus.hiba Remixes LLLL “Because Of My Eyes”

Tokyo outfit LLLL released one of our favorite albums of 2014 with Paradice, released via American label Zoom Lens. Now, that imprint is planning to release a new remix album of Paradice on December 16 called Paradice: Revisited By Friends And Lovers. And Make Believe Melodies is excited to announce that we will be premiering three remixes off that collection in the weeks leading up to its release starting today.

First up is Tokyo producer mus.hiba’s take on LLLL’s “Because Of My Eyes.” True to his style, mus.hiba slows the original down and lets it build up before letting it twist and swirl. And, making a cameo appearance is the synthesized voice of Sekka Yufu, who has been a staple in mus.hiba’s work and adds a digital dash alongside LLLL’s high-pitched singer. Listen above.

(And, in a bit of good timing, I interviewed mus.hiba about his debut album, White Girl, over at The Japan Times. Go here to learn more about him and Sekka Yufu.)