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Programming Alert: I’m At The Fuji Rock Festival This Weekend

First order of business, you might notice the blog looks a little different today. That’s because we have just launched a new redesign (a little early…even to the author) and we have a lot of exciting new developments coming in the near future. So yeah, feel free to poke around and let us know about any bugs we need to work out at the moment.

That said, I don’t have much time to enjoy the new look because I am at the Fuji Rock Festival for the weekend. You can follow along with my updates over at the official Fuji Rock blog, where I will write up reports on blog favorites like The Beauty, Dorian, Sakanaction and more. You can also check out our Twitter for more stream-of-conscious stuff (could turn into some Heart Of Darkness stuff quick) or our Tumblr.

Enjoy your weekend! Posting resumes next week.