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Radio Dream: Flau’s “水の中の太陽”

“水の中の太陽” plays out like a message relayed from a satellite floating way beyond the Milky Way’s boundaries. Morse-code-fast electrics tap by while glowing star systems pass by glacially, crackles of radio fuzz ripping through this serene picture to remind us of the distance required to see something so peaceful. Bells appear over the transmission and this drifting becomes even prettier. Soon enough Flau herself enters to sing over this lonely universe, stretching out her syllables to fill the void. It’s a beautiful sound rendered lonesome by the ever-present ripples of static and the rare stray sound (see the guitar just sorta zipping by). Flau’s singing on “水の中の太陽” comes off like it’s meant to be directed at a vast audience. Yet as the transmission ends and all that remains is some sputtering cracks, it becomes clear she’s crooning all by herself. Listen here.