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Right Prescription: Amino_CH’s “Pi11” And “Mr.Blue”

Amino_CH’s “Pi11” popped up on YouTube a little over a week ago, and has been bouncing around in my head ever since it first appeared in the ol’ feed. The style this Tokyo artist embraces is becoming quite normal, at least among more online-centric musical communities. She raps, but also plucks elements from indie-pop, dance-pop and more to create something that is trying to be its own take on hip-hop. “Pi11” plays out over a beat with sleep still in its eyes, accented by bell chimes and guitar notes. Amino_CH sing-raps about the ups and downs of daily life in 2019 — you better believe Twitter finds a way in there — through a layer of electronic manipulation, the whole number sounding like an effort to escape from it all. Listen above.

She’s also capable of something swifter. “Mr.Blue” hits a sweet spot between the 2010’s city pop revival and hip-hop, featuring a skippy rhythm ideal for Amino_CH’s hop-scotching flow. This one especially comes recommended for anyone who already misses the summer-ready pop escapism of of Shiggy Jr., but could use more hi-hat breakdowns. Listen below.