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Rise, Shine And Repeat: Himawari Batake’s “おはよう”

“おはよう” translates into “good morning” in Japanese, and Himawari Batake’s song of the same name suits the title as it at times can bring to mind the repetitive scream of an alarm clock. Albeit one you don’t want to hurl against the wall in order to hide under the sheets for five more minutes. The song opens innocently enough, some fuzzy guitar strumming wherein the main twangy line quickly establishes itself. Himawari seemingly place themselves in the vague realm of “guitar-centric indie rock,” the easiest point of reference being OGRE YOU ASSHOLE. Comfy enough, but then the group hit the sweet spot with the chorus, where the lead singer just sings the titular greeting over and over again. He keeps adding intensity to those three syllables to the point where it seems like he’s belting out something much more urgent than a pre-shower greeting. That energy – so rare at that hour! – elevates “おはよう” beyond indie-trappings into something worth revisiting frequently. Listen below.


(Courtesy J-Rock Explosion, who featured them first)