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Six-String Eye Dog: HARUOSEVEN’s “Feel It On” Featuring Koji Hiraoka

Cleverly named house artists HARUOSEVEN’s new track “Feel It On” easily could have been just another bubbly jam floating around on the Internet. That wouldn’t have been a terrible thing, as “Feel It On” boasts big multi-colored blasts of keyboard surrounding an appropriate vocal sample. Cherryboy Function released an EP knocking out similarly dizzy wooshes of dance music and that’s been one of the year’s best releases yet. HARUOSEVEN though spices the formula up by dropping in a guitar line bordering on smooth-rock after the two-minute mark. It’s a gesture that doesn’t last all that long…only a brief minute and some odd seconds of “Feel It On’s” six-minute jog…but one so left-turn for what was expected that it earns respect. The guitar bit, along with a few other instances where individual instruments get a chance to stretch out, lend HARUOSEVEN’s latest with a variety-show-like vibe, every player getting a chance in the spotlight. Alternatively, it’s like house music sorta imitating Archie Bell And The Drell’s “Tighten Up.” Whether you come for the sneaky guitar or the propulsive beats, you’ll leave satisfied. Listen here.