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Rocket To Russia: Moscow Club Release New EP, Video For “Bikinikill”

Quite a week for this group – after stumbling across Moscow Club and their lush dream-slice “Daisy Miller Pt. 1” a few days ago, the band released a new two-song EP to the Internet today. The Bikinikill EP closes with that fabulous bit of spacey reflection, making it already completely worth your attention, but it also helps that the title track serves as a nice mid-summer jam. Unlike the percussion-less “Daisy Miller,” “Bikinikill” straight-up bops out the gate with drum beats, bells and the sorta vibe that makes you want to get off the couch and go skateboarding down to a boardwalk and eat shaved ice. Moscow Club’s lyrics remain slightly buried in the mix, and on a fun-in-the-sun track like this the easy comparison would be with Friends, albeit a little more clear to hear. “Bikinikill” perspires summer pop feelings, so calculatedly bright that is actually sounds like a long-lost soap jingle from the 70s late in its run. For all those slow bros who’ve yet to slap together an “ocean-side mixtape,” here’s an August staple. Watch the video for “Bikinikill” below and get the EP here.

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

möscow çlub – bikinikill from moscow club on Vimeo.