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Listen To Clips From Misato Kinoshita’s New Album

Misato Kinoshita seems to roam in the same territory a lot of people who could be pretty good straight-ahead singers in Japan sometime wander into – instead of settling for safe sonic terrain, they instead mingle with experimental electronics, letting their voice loose over exciting new scapes. Kinoshita dabbles mostly with minimalism, various electric burbles placed so that her voice has plenty of room to drift about. She has two new clips of songs from her forthcoming new album, both of which might be bite-sized but still plenty filling. The short video for “Sailor” previews a simple little track full of dreamy digital sprinkles and Knoshita’s relaxed voice.


“彼方からの手紙” features a little more kick, but still carries a lazy-day air about it despite the addition of a more present beat. Kinoshita’s singing also aims for something a little bigger than I “Sailor,” and this clip really fails to do the song justice when it cuts off right as the electronics burst open and seemingly take the song into another direction.


New album just came out today, get it at Jet Set.