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Rougher Mindgames: Lera Rae

This is pretty much the sort of music made for busy weeknights, instances where one wishes they could be out living it up but aware that the next morning means early-morning alarms and work. Nagoya’s Lera Rae gets that feeling, and with the song “Dreamer” offers up a bit of rough-around-the-edges escapism for those currently making tomorrow’s peanut butter sandwich. It opens with some Disney-worthy star confetti, but soon pivots into a lo-fi groove complete with sneaky guitar lines and something approximating cowbell. The vocals exist in the same fuzzy space preferred by the likes of TalkingCity1994 or Teen Runnings, and sometimes they can sound too muddled, too soupy. Lera Rae should try to be a little more clear next time, but otherwise “Dreamer” stands as some good bedroom escapism. Listen below.

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