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Scary Good: Spookey

Who wears stutter shades exactly? Outside of Kanye and people dressing up for Kanye as Halloween, does anyone sport these things? The only group I can think of who might wear stutter shades are hipsters, and even then only the type of hipster that exists in a newspaper trend story. Seeing the above picture of Japanese powerpop trio Spookey made me nervous for their music – surely, they must be hiding something musically if they have to wear such dumb face-wear to draw attention.

Turns out the Japanese don’t know what irony is, because Spookey make good-ol’-fashioned garage rock. Much like similarly grammatically daring darlings The Let’s Go’s, Spookey play super catchy rock songs recalling all sorts of 60s nostalgia (I know singing about surfing is back in vogue this year, but it still feels like a throwback from this group). Their latest album, which has this as the cover, dropped back in September. Like I said for The Let’s Go’s, this stuff won’t shake you to your core, but it should get you swaying around at some boffo beach party in your head. Check some songs out this a-way.