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Scottish Fold Remixes Yes Giantess’ “The Ruins”

When a great remix artist manages to make a song you dig a little bit better, you usually end up feeling pretty good. Now, when said remixer takes a song you previously had no real opinion on and makes it great, I’d argue that’s just as good a feeling. Enter…Scottish Fold tackling Yes Giantess’ “The Ruins.” The original take leaves me conflicted – the obnoxious 80s feel of the whole thing (and all the irony…intended or not) that comes with it irks, but I can’t deny that catchy-as-hell chorus. Fold steps in, though, and trims away the more deliberate stabs at the Reagan years, replacing them with a much slinkier set of sounds. Wisely he doesn’t do much to the chorus which makes the whole thing even better. This edit makes me even appreciate Yes Giantess’ original work more, so it’s a definite winner. Listen here.