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Controlled Karaoke: Snoop Dogg Wants Japan To Know He’s Sorry


Famed rapper/reality TV star Snoop Dogg had some Japanese shows scheduled in the near future, but the promoter behind those performances apparently backtracked on half of the money. So the Dogg Father pulled the plug on those shows. Now, he wants his fans in Japan to understand why he canceled the live joints and that he’s really sorry and as soon as he finds his real promoter-pal in Japan (hope he reads Japan-related blogs!) he’ll come on over. He then says “arrigato” a few times and it’s extremely adorable. Sadly, he doesn’t find the time to apologize for “California Gurls.”

Credit goes to Japan Probe for posting this. Proceed down that page with caution though – the comments border on racist and definitely crossover into full on stupidity on numerous occasions (people still make jokes about rap music where they just say “yo” a lot? Bring on the apocalypse). Folks even criticize Snoop Dogg’s Japanese skills which is just a dick move.