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Screaming Bloody Marble: The Marble’s “Bloody Marble”

That’s Osaka group The Marble’s new album…in the hands of an adorable panda!

“Bloody Marble” is one of those songs really defined by one amazing part. Everything surrounding the moment isn’t a trash heap, as The Marble first flirt with 90’s era indie touches (the intro) before veering towards emo territory and then combining the two into a rapid-fire combination. The Marble’s decision to work in an extended instrumental segment – something sorta resembling the lesser blunted moments of Tool, and in micro – comes close to stealing the spotlight, but a bit of a safe ending squashes that potential. Nope, “Bloody Marble” is all about the moment only a minute and two seconds into the song when the lead singer, after singing relatively normal a few seconds before, screams his lyrics in such a shrill way that it tilts the entire song on its axis for a flash. His later shrill attempts just can’t match up to this guards-down shriek that comes from off-screen so quickly, like that bus in Mean Girls that you have to do a double take.

Well, you would, except now that you’ve read about it, the surprise won’t be as good. Listen below anyway!

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