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The Brixton Academy Have A New Album, Bright As Diamonds Out Soon, Listen To Samples Now

Perpetually melancholia new-wave outfit The Brixton Academy have a new album out on September 28, called Bright As Diamonds. This follows last year’s achingly gorgeous Vivid and end-of-year EP L.O.T. The song titles hint that TBA are still being TBA…”Neons Bright,” “Youth,” “Real Romance” etc etc…which also means plenty of emotional sharing via a vaguely Muppety voice.

Amazon Japan has samples of every song for your listening pleasure now, so go spend a few minutes previewing TBA’s forthcoming. Even better…start saving up cash to buy a copy!

(Ominous note: I’ve actually listened to this album but am staying mum because…well, time will reveal that. But one detail…”Two Shadows United” is some sexy, sexy music.)