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Seafood Fair: Frasco’s “Imitation Crab” And Fish’s “Bokutachi No Shichigatsu”

Sometimes you see a theme jump out of your SoundCloud likes, and you run with it. Always nice when the music matches in quality. The latest from “urban electro pop” outfit Frasco is “Imitation Crab,” a burbly and slow-moving number with a melancholy streak running through it. And there is a downtempo rap near the end, too. Listen above.

Much differently when it comes to the actual music is Fish, out of Nagoya, and there latest song “Bokutachi No Shichigatsu.” It’s a driving rock number with a bit of ’90s Weezer swagger to it, topped off by some lovely all-together-now shout-along choruses. Listen to that one below.